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Clearance searches

We search the registers to check that there are no conflicting trademarks which would make the trademark office refuse your application

Drafting the application including class specification

Our experts draft your application, including the class specifications (list of goods and services). We then submit your application on your behalf.

Responding to trademark office queries

If the trademark office has any queries about your application, including if they believe it is not a valid trademark, we will respond on your behalf.

Monitoring and managing your application

We monitor your application from submission, right up to registration. We will notify you of any oppositions and any queries of the trademark office.

Fixed fee - No extras

We do not charge any extras in our application fees. For example there are no extra fees if you wish to file a logo or you have more than one class.

Money back guarantee

If we believe that your trademark is valid for registration and the trademark office rejects it, we give you a refund of our fees. Further, if we believe it is not going to be registered, you can also get a refund.

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